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A coffee-flavoured bacon roll is coming to cure your hangover

Kitty Drake

We had pretty much resigned ourselves to living December as one amorphous, month-long hangover – but this could be a game-changer. US-style chain The Diner has created a bacon roll-espresso, and apparently it will cure your hangover. Called the ‘Ba-coffee roll’, it’s basically bacon in a coffee-infused bun, slathered in coffee butter. Caffeine-wise, eating this bun is equivalent to downing five shots of espresso, but if you’re the kind of person who feels like they’re coming up after one flat white, don’t panic: apparently because you’re digesting the coffee rather than drinking it, it’s a lovely slow release.

Available from December 4-14 at the Soho branch of The Diner and via Deliveroo, this is a festive-season-only treat, which is good because we reckon demand might dip a bit in January. Yes, we usually prefer to keep our bacon and beverages separate, and yes, that roll looks unappetisingly brown – but if this works it could be amazing. Crucially, unlike a bloody mary, this is one hangover cure that it’s socially acceptable to consume before 11am, at your desk.

The Ba-coffee roll is available at the Soho branch of The Diner and via Deliveroo from Dec 4-14.

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