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A habit tracking app could make you feel more productive (even if you're not)

Warning: it might lead to you actually completing all of your life admin

Written by
Kate Lloyd

Welcome to our new series, One Good Thing to Do Today. It’s a guide to little things you can actually do in lockdown London that will provide bits of light in these dark times.

Sorry, sorry, SORRY for using the Time Out platform to recommend something extremely boring to you, but today’s One Good Thing is an organisation app. It’s called Loop Habit Tracker, it has a blue logo with a white arrow on it, and it’s available on iPhone and Android.

You use it by inputting all the things you’d like to start doing on a daily basis. Then, every day it produces a to-do list of those things and you can check them off. The idea is that eventually you'll do them all without thinking.

It’s a ridiculously simple concept. And, to be honest, I didn’t believe it would make a difference to how productive/happy I am in life. But I was wrong.

I should point out here that my LHT list really isn’t anything special. There’s no ‘do 100 burpees’ or ‘read one of the classics’ on there. It’s mainly basics: wash my face, take my vitamins, floss, go for a walk, do one bit of life admin. But it means that by 11am I basically feel like a #badass #girlboss for smashing through a vast amount of tiny things on my list. Oh, and I'm a sucker for the sweet, sweet reward of clicking things that are done. 

I’ve been finding it super useful during lockdown as a tool to make me a) feel like I’ve achieved something and looked after myself a bit every day and b) to make sure I at least try and do some of the things I’ve been struggling to face on tougher days. I’ve added in points on the list like ‘do something creative’ and ‘do some exercise’ to push me out of lounging around watching Netflix even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Anyway, boring interlude OVER. I’ll go back to recommending you fun things to do now. But only after I’ve ticked off a few things from my Habit list.

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