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A litter of baby wild boar has arrived at Whipsnade Zoo and it’s exactly what we need right now

Written by
Katie McCabe

We know what you’re thinking, Whipsnade Zoo is in Bedfordshire, and Bedfordshire, is not London… So why are you writing about it, Time Out London? Well, because a litter of five wild boar piglets were born at the zoo over the bank holiday weekend, and frankly, they are unbearably cute, so we’re not going to let a troublesome thing like location stand in the way of showing you their tiny wrinkled snouts. 

Whipsnade Zoo
Photograph: Whipsnade Zoo

It’s been a horrific news cycle for everything else, but the boar stories have been pretty decent. Last month, there were reports of wild boars descending from the mountains and hanging around in the centre of Barcelona. And why shouldn’t a hog be allowed to admire the fine Gaudi architecture in peace? It’s not just for tourists. 

The baby Whipsnade boar are too small to get up to such high jinks just yet, each weighing just 1kg (but can grow up to be as much as 100kg). They’re born with black stripes on their backs, so they all look like they’ve just bought a vintage coat from Beyond Retro. And when they snuggle together, say representatives at the zoo, they resemble a ‘bundle of mint humbugs’. 

Having 30-50 feral hogs roaming around your backyard might not be so bad if they were all as sweet as these little humbugs.

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