A Londoner’s guide to getting (and staying) out of bed

Four early-waking professionals on the mysterious art of rising and shining

Written by
Bobby Palmer

Struggling to get out of bed? We chat to four Londoners with jobs that mean early wake-up calls about how to stop snoozing your alarm

Dan Frazer, head baker, Pophams: ‘I start my shifts as early as 2am. One thing that helps me get up so early is having an alarm that is so annoying that you have to get up – one of those continuously beeping ones which drives you crazy. I set about five different alarms.’

Edward Grace, owner, Beanberry Coffee: ‘Don’t skimp on your morning coffee – go for something bright and delicious to wake up your senses and make you feel like a better, happier person. Organic Ethiopian coffees are the best – they’re grown and processed with so much love and care that you can taste it in your cup.’

Ben Paul, founder, Sweat IT: ‘I don’t tend to have issues rising early, but if I’m in any doubt I will always place my alarm clock out of reach, so I physically need to get out of bed to turn it off. My wife is very much not a morning person, so that focuses me to get up and turn it off fast!’

Aimee Vivian, DJ, Capital FM: ‘My main piece of advice is: don’t snooze. Train yourself to get up on the first alarm. Maybe have your favourite song set as your alarm so that you wake up with a smile on your face, ready to smash the day ahead. A bit of Kanye West’s “Power” always works a treat for me.’

Need a caffeine hit? Head to one of London’s best cafés.

Or maybe the prospect of brunch will help get you out of bed?

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