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super worm moon over London and The Shard
Photograph: Shutterstock

A super ‘worm moon’ will rise over London next week. Oo-er.

Ellie Walker-Arnott

Stellar news, moon fans. A new month means there’s a new full moon ready to appear in the skies above London – and March’s is an extra special one. 

This month’s full moon, which will be rising above the city on Monday March 9, is a super moon; it’s also a ‘worm moon’. 

Don’t freak out: it’s called a worm moon because it’s usually the last full moon of winter (whoop!) before the spring equinox (Friday March 20, fyi) and historically that has been associated with the time of year that earthworms reemerge from the soil.

Other names for the March full moon include ‘lenten moon’ (because Lent), ‘crow moon’ (because crows also reappear at the start of spring) and ‘sugar moon’ (because it’s the time of year for harvesting maple syrup from trees). Hey, we don’t make the rules of nomenclature, okay?  

Why is this worm moon super, too? The full moon is taking place when the moon is closest to the earth, which basically means that the moon will look really bright and big in the sky. Super moons appear at their biggest when they are closest to the horizon, ie, when they are rising and setting.

The worm moon is the first super moon of 2020 (and of this decade) so keep ’em peeled, London. You’ll be able to spot it above the horizon from 5.35pm on Monday. 

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