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All hail Dalston Superstore!

Written by
Nick Levine

Dalston Superstore turns ten this month. That’s ten years of scene-starting club nights, incredible DJs, LGBT+ programming of the highest quality and the occasional bar-prowling dancer almost landing a heel in your bevvy. We love Superstore – it’s a true Time Out fave – so to celebrate, we asked some well-known regulars to share their birthday’s what they had to say in our imaginary birthday card...

Jake Shears


‘My best memory of Dalston Superstore was coming on a Sunday afternoon after having stayed up all night with Sink The Pink’s Glyn Fussell and [promoter/musician] Bitches With Wolves. Time kind of dissolved and we must have spent eight hours there, just laughing and harassing each other. It was a memorable hang in one of the best spots in town.’

Princess Julia
DJ and East End legend

‘Is it ten years already? What a simply divine time we’ve had together and guess what? You’re better than ever! Is it true you invented the drag brunch phenomenon? And what about all that go-go dancing on the bar – from where I DJ I get a lovely view!’

Owen Jones
Author and columnist

‘Happy birthday, Dalston Superstore, you sexy beast. With so many LGBT+ spaces vanishing across London and beyond, you are a queer gem to be treasured. And with so much of the LGBT+ scene dominated by cis white gay men (hello!), kudos for genuinely attempting to cater to our communities in all their diversity. Your staff are icons, and you are a pillar of LGBT+ nightlife in our capital. To another ten years!’

Ryan Lanji
Hungama club night promoter

‘Whether it be my exhibitions or making an exhibition of myself on the dance floor, Superstore has watched me grow up, hugged me when I felt alone and become a place I’ll always call home. Happy birthday – it’s been one hell of a Hungama!’


Rex The Dog
DJ and producer

‘Superstore crew! Happy tenth birthday! Thank you for so many great nights in the laser pit. You were always so supportive of all our bonkers decor ideas when we did our Breed night – I still have all the Robo-Rexes. Big love to the best ’store in town!’

Little Boots

‘Oh Dalston Superstore, I remember playing [house classic] “Love Can’t Turn Around” to a packed basement with sweat dripping from the ceiling and lasers blaring. Still one of my favourite DJ sets ever. Happy birthday and have a fab time!’

Travis Alabanza
Performance artist

‘Happy birthday! Personally I want to thank you for always providing me with a place to chat, to meet, to go from meetings in the day to crying in the toilets at night. For the hanger fries and porn star martinis, for always knowing there will be a friendly face. I’ve fallen over on your bar floor too many times, but I think it’s just a sign of a space that allows me to let go.’

Glyn Fussell
Sink The Pink

‘Superstore, you’ve changed east London! You’re a queer institution that’s given us a home, a space to create, meet likeminded people, find love and dance. I refuse to imagine a world without the colour you spread over the city and I salute your ten-year reign as the heart, soul and dance floor of east London!'


‘Happy birthday, Superstore! I used to rush into you as soon as I turned 18 and dance my socks off with my older clubbing friends. I was just discovering and exploring my sexuality and I remember trying to get off with a lot of girls who were a) too old for me and b) way out of 18-year-old me’s league. Over the years, I’ve stumbled in with various different groups of friends for a boogie. There’s always fun people and I always feel safe to be whoever I want to be at Superstore. It’s a zero-judgment kind of place. Xox.’ 

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