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An ace London venue needs your help to soundproof itself

Chris Waywell

Now here’s a thing: one of London’s hottest railway arches wants your money for a very particular purpose. Bar/creative space/venue Buster Mantis in Deptford has started a £5,000 GoFundMe page to get some padding/lagging/cladding, or some other kind of acoustically specific material, and bloody go and soundproof itself.

Every Wednesday, the space is home to the exploratory, afrofuturist Steam Down, arguably London’s most important jazz night. It also has live music and DJ slots at the weekends. Given the capital’s current climate for venues in residential areas, the move to line BM’s walls is probably as much about future-proofing as soundproofing, and is surely a spectacularly canny use of five grand. As owner Gordon McGowan says, ‘The closure of venues like ourselves is well documented in this city. Implementing these soundproofing measures will ensure that we don’t meet the same fate and are a destination for music and the arts for years to come.’

So, put your hand in your pocket, get some lint, stick it in your ears and replicate the effect of BM’s calm new exterior vibe, masking the vitally pumping heart inside. Then give generously to help Buster Mantis keep it down.

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