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Bear grilled: Time Out readers put their questions to Paddington

By Time Out Tastemakers

With ‘Paddington 2’ in cinemas this week, we asked you to pose your thorniest, quirkiest and most chin-scratchiest questions to London’s cuddliest Peruvian. And you delivered... in spades.

‘Do you condition or just shampoo before filming?’
Luisa Gottardo
‘Neither, if I can help it. My fur takes a long time to dry and I spent rather too much time getting wet for my liking making the film as it was.’

Who was the biggest diva on set? Hugh Bonneville?
 Tara Protheroe
Mr Brown’s dictionary says a diva is a self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please. This sounds just like Mr Curry so I think the answer must be Peter Capaldi because he did such a good job of getting into character.

When you met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, did you offer them your favourite baby bear names? Edelyn Brawidjojo
No, but I did offer them a bite of my marmalade sandwich. For some reason they didn’t seem very keen.

‘Which London landmarks did you film at? The National Paw-trait Gallery? Li-bear-ty?’ Neil Hassall
‘I didn’t appear in this scene myself but I do know they filmed at St Paws Cathedral.’

‘How do you stay in shape on set?’ Haley Weatherill
‘I find a regular diet of marmalade helps me to keep my figure and unscrewing the lids on all the jars is a good way to exercise my biceps.’

‘Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?’ Julie Ramsden
‘When Judy dyed her hair recently she said it was very hard to get the colour right. But I’m not sure it would make a very interesting Christmas movie.’

‘Can you use Boris bikes with your tiny legs?’ Tiago Almeida
‘Going downhill is alright because I don’t need to use the pedals, but it is a bit of a problem when I need to go back up again.’

‘Will you get a Facebook account?’ Sasha Abraham
‘It’s hard enough keeping up with my Twitter account as it takes me such a long time to type with paws, so I don’t think I shall be trying anything new just yet.’

If you had to have another flavour of marmalade, what would you go for?
 Luisa Gottardo
I once tried marmalade flavoured with chocolate, which I enjoyed. I expect that’s because my favourite drink is cocoa.

‘Avocado toast: your thoughts?’ Sam Brown
‘I tried making this to see what it would taste like but the avocado got stuck in the toaster. I think I shall just stick to using bread from now on.’

‘Can we be best friends?’ Anaëlle Amarasinghe
‘I’ve made a lot of friends since I came to live in London but you can never have too many. I would be very pleased to be your friend too.’  

‘Paddington 2’ opens on Fri 10 Nov. Read Time Out’s review.

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