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Will London’s hairdressers and barbers be open during Tier 3?

Guess what? Yes!

Chris Waywell

Inevitably, this is the question that everyone is asking (yet again). Back in Lockdowns 1 and 2, hairdressers and barbers were counted as ‘non-essential’ businesses and had to close. Now, however, in a rare piece of good news, they will be able to stay open under all of the current three-tier levels of restrictions on businesses, 1-3.

It has – to be honest – been a torrid year for the country’s hairdressers and barbers. Along with bog roll disappearing from the shelves, it was one of the aspects of lockdown that people in the UK found hardest to deal with. No one knew when things would reopen, so no one knew when they could get their hair cut legally again. Some people reacted extremely and shaved it all off for a short-term but unflattering social-media win. Others made a thing out of it, others had a go at cutting it themselves, with mixed results. The tabloids darkly reported guerrilla barbers operating out of flickering basements in Barnsley.

Hairdressers in England initially reopened on July 4, having had to shut for three months. Then they had to shut all over again for Lockdown 2. So the fact that they can still function now in the run-up to Christmas is great for them. Mobile hairdressers will also be allowed to operate (with appropriate precautions, of course), so why not add them to the list of things that you’ve ordered round to yours in 2020? 

Luckily, no one’s having an office party this year, and even if they insist on doing one on Zoom, just turn off your camera and watch ‘The Queen’, or whatever like everyone else apart from Alison in Sales. 

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