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Do these pictures really show Banksy at work?

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Time Out editors

Steve Lazarides is mates with Banksy. The London gallerist knows who Banksy is, has seen his face, spoken his actual real name and looked deep into his actual real eyes. How many of us can say the same? None of us, because Banksy is a mystery, like the wind but with a spray can. And you can’t look a mystery in the eyes: that’s just science.

But Steve isn’t just mates with Banksy, he was his agent. And over the course of their friendship and business partnership, Steve got unprecedented access to the elusive cultural agitator and he took plenty of pictures in the process. Now he’s putting out a book of those images, ominously called ‘Banksy Captured’.

That’s Banksy’s arse in front of some of monkeys, those are his dirty fingernails holding a spray can, those are his bootcut jeans, and so much more. Here’s a small selection of what you can expect from this radical publication. You can even buy the images so you can hang them in your house, pride of place. Banksy, an important artist, no doubt, but one with terrible taste in jeans.

 Want even more Banksy? Just click here. Easy.

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