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Ever wanted to try quidditch? We asked a London team captain what it's all about

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Watched everything good on Netflix? It's time to find yourself an interesting hobby. We spoke to educational psychologist Monique about playing quidditch

‘People expect quidditch to be like the fictional sport – they think we’re Larping [live action role-playing]. But when they see it played they’re like, “Oh, it’s a real sport.” It’s far removed from Harry Potter. Quidditch was nerdy when it first started, though. People wore capes and played on actual brooms. You had to wear goggles because people were getting  broom bristles in their eyes. Now most teams play with a regulation-length pole. We use the word “capey” to describe Potter nerds.

‘I’m team captain of London Unspeakables. I play as a beater. The beaters play with “bludgers”, which are dodgeballs and their purpose is to disrupt the patterns of play. When I started two years ago I was like, “Wait, my whole job is to hit people really hard with the ball?” It seemed fun. The most controversial move is the “face beat”, which is as it sounds – someone whacking the ball into your face. It’s not “illegal” but it’s regarded as a dick move.

‘I think quidditch has something for everyone. Teams have to be mixed gender and it’s very inclusive. So many of our players are stronger and more confident now. I’m fitter than I ever have been.’

London Unspeakables meet every Saturday at Clapham Common. 

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