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Photograph: Courtesy of Andy Parsons

Got baggage? Comedian Lou Sanders has big tips for travelling light

Samantha Willis

I pack light. The only thing that really weighs me down is my merch. I’ve got 300 ‘Vote Labia’ tote bags in my car. I once broke down and the mechanics were like ‘what the fuck are these?’.

You can’t tell how experienced a comedian is by how light they travel. An established comic who I love, Lucy Pearman, wheeled up to the Edinburgh Fringe with two huge suitcases and a bike. One contained just props. 

I’ve washed stuff in hotel sinks. I did a show in King’s Lynn. Before, I went for a walk and was like, ‘what a beautiful riverbank, why aren’t people getting closer to it?’. I slid down it and got mud all over my dress. I had to wash and dry it with ten minutes to go. I told the story on stage but I don’t think the audience believed me.

It’s really liberating not to carry a bag. When you’ve got no bag, you feel so free! Men come into work without one, it’s like, where’s your shit? 

Getting rid of emotional baggage is good too. I used to meditate every day, really religiously. I need to get back into it. I have a spiritual healer and she tells me to have faith and give it all up to the light. A lot of people don’t believe in fate but, I tell you what, it really takes the pressure off.

I write problems down on paper and then burn them. I suppose you could do that with physical possessions, too. You can burn anything you like, really. It works for everything, that’s my heartfelt message to you.

Lou Sanders brings ‘Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy’ to Leicester Square Theatre on Jun 13.

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