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Greenwich is getting a magical ‘Residents’ Rainbow’ installation

The colourful display will consist of thoughts and wishes from locals

Chris Waywell
Written by
Chris Waywell

The word ‘magical’ gets bandied about a lot. A ‘magical’ two-courses-and-a-glass-of-prosecco meal deal; a ‘magical’ test drive of the new Nissan Juke. Not very magical. Keeping the magic real, though, is a new installation in the borough of Greenwich. 

The ‘Residents’ Rainbow’ will see colourful interventions at eight locations across the borough, one for each of the colours of the rainbow. And an extra one, obviously. Residents are invited to be an integral part of it too. People from the borough can contribute a wish or a thank you to someone special. These will be printed on to colourful ribbons, then hung among lights in one of eight special trees dotted around Greenwich. Initially, each area will have its own colour, but as September wears on, the colours will be swapped around, so each spot gets to experience a rainbow of hues. 

The culmination of the whole thing is a dramatic laser display (insert Dr Evil gif here) on September 26, visible across the whole borough.

The thoughts printed on the ribbons can be of any kind: personal ones to thank a particular individual or more general thanks to the NHS, or key workers or whoever. It’s meant as a boroughwide acknowledgement of the challenges and sacrifices of the last few months, but also the many acts of kindness and heroism shown by ordinary people.

The leader of Greenwich Council said: ‘The Royal Greenwich community spirit has been truly impressive over the last few months. We know that there is still work to be done to put an end to this terrible pandemic and that many people have suffered loss, but it’s also important for us to stay positive about the future and recognise the people who have kept us going through the worst times.’

There you go. Sounds… actually… magical. 

The Greenwich ‘Residents’ Rainbow’ runs throughout September. Contribute a wish or thought and find more details here.

Fab stuff to do this weekend.

The Tower’s ravens are lacking stimulation (maybe they could head to Greenwich).

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