How long will London be in Tier 3 for?

When will it end?!

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We’re all feeling the bitter sting of tiers this Christmas, as London joins other parts of the country under Tier 3 restrictions. The new measures kicked in this morning, just after the clock struck midnight (Wednesday December 16). Now Londoners are faced with the closure of cinemas, theatres, bowling alleys, restaurants, bars and pubs – yep, a load of the fun stuff. And right before Christmas. So when can we expect to see the return of our beloved, buzzing capital? 

When will Tier 3 end in London? 

Due to the rate of the spread of the virus, the capital moved into Tier 3 on the very day that we had been expecting a review of England’s tier restrictions – which means the whole previous timeline is now out of kilter.

The government hasn’t officially confirmed how long London will be under the highest level of restrictions. As with all the England tier levels, these are monitored and reviewed according to local infection rates – indeed, the current move into Tier 3 ahead of the official review date is sign enough that nothing is set in stone right now. 

What we do know, however, is that previous tier decisions have been reviewed on a fortnightly basis. If we don’t see movement down from Tier 3 sooner (which, according to current rates and with Christmas mixing bang in the middle, is pretty unlikely), we can anticipate a review of the current measures for London by Wednesday December 30. Yep, right before New Year’s Eve. The current outlook for exiting Tier 3 before the end of the year isn’t too positive.

What does Tier 3 mean for your Christmas plans 

Can you travel out of Tier 3 in England right now?

Need some good news? There’s still a load of Christmassy stuff you can do under Tier 3 in London.   

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