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If you could ask Sadiq Khan one question, what would it be?

Sadiq Khan, Fabric
Andy Parsons

It’s been two years, give or take a few days, since Sadiq Khan was elected Mayor of London. He’s halfway through his term as the capital’s leader – which makes now as good a time as any to sit down with the 5' 6" Big Man and ask about the issues facing London right now. We’ve got a date with Sadiq, and we need your help to get ready.

Londoners are an opinionated bunch, and there’s a good chance you’ve got a few questions of your own. So we want to know: if you could ask Sadiq Khan one question, what would it be? This is your chance to quiz him on anything – his counter-terrorism strategy, plans for new Thames crossings, thoughts on Donald Trump’s London visit or (even more controversially) his favourite Tooting curry house. Leave your questions in the comments box below, and if we like them, we’ll take them straight to City Hall.

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Diana V

Why is smoking allowed in so many public places? It is nearly impossible to walk on the streets without being enveloped in a cloud of cigarette smoke. Additionally, "no smoking" rules need to be better enforced, as many people do not actively observe the signs.

Izzy K Tastemaker

With no end to the housing crisis in London, how is it possible that foreign investor are allowed to buy flats in London en masse, with some  buying 1200 flats! (The Times Sat. 5/01/19). Isn't it pushing even more people into renting instead of helping them to get on the property ladder?

Emilie M

If we are serious about helping London do its bit to stop climate change, why do we allow shops to keep the doors flung wide open year round?  It's 2 degrees out today! I can't imagine the energy consumption.

Caroline B

Why are taxis allowed in bus lanes? Usually there's only one passenger and it is quite often an old diesel vehicle.

Surely it's just like a private car carrying one person to their destination and should be shown no greater favour than any other road user?

Allowing taxis to use bus lanes does nothing to encourage people to use buses and tubes, or to walk or cycle - and increases emissions.

Michael G

If it was in your power, would you be offering Asia Bibi asylum here so that she too could enjoy the religious freedom of this diverse city of ours?

Jane B

How are you making London a better place for the future? It seems to me each year London is getting worse and filled with increasingly more multicultural nationalities and less Brits, parts of the UK no longer feel like you're in England, or that you are safe. London should be taking steps to continue to be somewhere people want to come to make their dreams come true. Right now, leading the way for highest deaths/attacks is driving people away - is there anything you're doing to tidy up this image and make England have a better future?

Jake Generoso

Shopping around to replace my relatively new road bike stolen weeks ago (properly locked in street racks I’d still claim), it became clearer this being everyday occurrence, particularly last weekend when chatted with fellow cyclists also considering foldable options almost forcibly.

While we are being encouraged to cycle more following huge cycling infrastructure investment, but with the cluttered CCTVs “unable to retrieve footage” and the police limited to providing reference number for reported incidents, what other measures the Mayor is doing to reduce widespread thefts? @jamestcmanning

Olivier G

Social Europe, do no need the country to be in the Political institutions. Transcities social projects needing to be European, avoid technocracy (too much behind and out understanding of neurosciences) and bureaucracies (too intoxicated by blind subisidies) such as rehabilitation of youth in green jobs at sight of their land of origin (and sight of Gibraltar) could be examined by London ?

Olivier G.


Tiph A

London is one of the top 10 ten cities at risk of running out of fresh water in the next few decades. What is London doing to upgrade and manage the water network and how are you taking steps to educate Londoners about not wasting this precious resource? 

Jonathan R

Cycling in London has received a terrific boost in recent years. Bike rentals and cycle highways, with lots of emphasis on safety.

Please can pedestrians now get some focus. Pavements have now become cycle routes for Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Electric Scooters, etc. Pedestrian safety needs help from the law and the Mayor. Sadiq, what can be done?


could you require that all landlords /developers submit as part of their plans they will manage trash. I notice many new flats do not provide tenants with a space for garbage and recycling. On my road they put it outside on the pavement. Could you make this a requirement for large and small landlords? Thanks


I was born and raised in NYC but have lived here 10+ years. I am glad Sadiq says he is always keen to learn from NY. According to your response, NY has 36000 police officer (with guns), smaller population but higher crime rate. London has just 30000 officers, who mostly do not carry guns, to police a larger population and still has a lower crime rate. London policing is far from perfect but it is certainly not inferior to NY. Maybe NY should not be the model. Sadiq, what do you think London is doing right in terms of policing? What can London teach NYC?

John O

How are you making London a safer city?

matt w

The tech industry has been a driver in the growth of the UK economy. And tech has a large footprint in London specifically. I'm wondering how the Mayor can improve STEM educational opportunities for women and the underserved in London?

Ben R

Sadiq, another cyclist was sadly killed last weekend, just outside my house in Deptford. Vehicles are only part of the problem - how are you going to encourage my fellow cyclists to start following basic rules like stopping at red lights and giving way at junctions?

Kat J

In 2017 you announced that you were going to 'to make it mandatory for schools to develop effective measures to help prevent knife crime and support students and parents in the event of an incident.' Since 2017 the rise of knife crime continues to scarily rise, yet no plans have come to public about your intentions to lower them. Can you share some light on the development of this plan and what you plan to do to save the lives of vulnerable young people at risk of losing a life to knife crime?

Article sighting:

Dave P

In this week's TimeOut you claim to have frozen TfL fares for everyone for 4 years to save us all money.

In actual fact, you've only frozen Pay as You Go fares, and so all of the residents that live in the city and therefore buy Monthly travelcards still have increases (3.4% increase on average annually when average income has not been above 3% annually when averaged over the last 10 years).... Why save the tourists' money but take it out on the residents of this fine city. 

In all other things though, top job.

Fiona W F


Dear Sadiq

Why have we allowed the pedestrianised area in front of our National Gallery to become such a mess?

We all thought it was wonderful when the traffic was stopped along that side of Trafalgar Square and enjoyed walking along there, admiring the beautiful buildings and the view of the square.

Now, I actively avoid it.

We have ugly chalk squiggles all over the extremely dirty paving stones, people wearing motheaten Star Wars outfits and all accompanied by the hideous noise of amateur buskers with impossibly noisy amplifiers.

Please ......... restore it to its former glory.

Some benches, some trees (even pot plants would help), and peace and quiet for the ordinary Londoner, and the tourists, to enjoy one of our city's historic sites.

Thank you - and keep up the good work!

Fiona Kiddell


While I understand that you have many issues that require your attention, this is one that is dear to my heart,


Why is handicapped access for mobility scooters and wheelchairs so abysmal? There needs to be a task force and a budget to create kerb cuts at every intersection/driveway/construction site blocking the street, and access to every kind of building even grade I and II listed buildings. There needs to be step-free access to the Tube and the trains. Can you make this happen?


Michael P

What is your favourite dish in Tooting's Lahore Kerahi?? 

Pratima P

Dear Sadiq,

Your stock response that you have frozen fares in the capital is not good enough. Commuters (in zone 5 who need to use overland rail) are paying up to £10 per day off peak (more peak time) just to get to work and getting a poor service in the bargain. For those who work shifts an annual pass doesn't work for them. You have said this is the best city in the world. But we should be ashamed at the cost of travel here. Is it any wonder that the UK ranks low in the productivity stakes?

stephen b

Hi Sadiq

As a daily user of London Underground I get very frustrated about trains only running every 7/8 mins on central and district line in the "rush" hour. Also the district line is famous for its stop start continually and ad a result is very slow. Are either of these 2 issues being addressed and how can I get involved with my feedback? Steve

matt f

When are you resigning? You are not a good mayor, i'm so gutted I voted for you. 


For people who wish to visit your lovely hometown. What are the best places in Tooting for tourists?


If you could meet your idol. Whether dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Boris C

We want London to be a nice and pleasant city. That requires effort and expense. Sometimes millions are needed to keep clean, for greening, for construction. But some things can be done by spending hundreds of pounds (renovation of an old company, painting the shutter ...), dozens of pounds (washing the window or cleaning the facade of stickers).

A massive (and free) campaign is possible in the press. Objects can be visited by borough representatives with a suggestion to improve the look of the place.

Melanie L

I've lived in London all my life but am going to university in Leeds. Why can I not get a student Oyster card,  - when I will only be away from London for about 30 weeks, leaving me with 22 weeks very expensive travel in my home town?

Michael S

Dear Sadiq,

What is the real reason why the government is trying to manipulate the housing market for so many years with schemes like 'help to buy', 'shared ownership', etc. In any free market prices adjust themselves without need of any intervention due to supply and demand. 

I, and all people around me, struggle to understand what's the reason the government supports and creates those schemes that just keep the house prices inflated. Could you please clarify for us?

George S

Hi Sadiq, 

My daughter Eva 3 years old, would like to know why there isn't any traffic women on traffic lights symbols in London? I informed her that i have to ask the mayor that one, she a waits your answer (hopefully). #googlecouldnthelpme #equality

Thanks George (Father of a girl with lots of questions!)

Filipe Z

Can we launch a campaign to design a flag for London? I'm a proud Londoner and would love to celebrate the city with a cool flag like Amsterdam's, Lisbon's or Chicago's.

matt f

When are you resigning? You are not a good mayor, i'm so gutted I voted for you. 

Marie C

Hello Sadiq

The solution for Oxford Street is to have trams running both ways along the length of this Street.  In the main street in Nice, this is what's been done and it works very well.  In this country we seem to be very slow at looking at other countries' solutions.  The present situation is appalling.  Those dreadful, unsafe rickshaws should be banned for a start.

Jane H

Dear Sadiq

What are you and TfL doing to help get Frank’s coffee stall at Bethnal Green tube reconnected? Frank and his stall are a key part of our community and a great symbol of what immigrants contribute to an open London. Please don’t let his stall, his livelihood and his friendly face disappear from Bethnal Green.

Wilfred E

Dear Sadiq,

Why are there so many homeless people in London? More so than any other major city I've lived in - it feels as though homelessness is increasing here. Please sort it out - our spare change isn't going to solve the problem.

Julija S

Hi Sadiq. I like walking in London and this weekend I did part of Thames Path from Albert Bridge to Canary Wharf. This path is suitable for tourist as they can see a lot of sights of London. But I was shocked with the fact that we don’t have any rubbish bins on Victoria Embankment. There are lots of empty bottles left on the barriers and roads. I don’t think this is good for capital’s positive image. Thanks, Julia

Jip P

How can you help international students in London have a better experience coming here? Now the tuition fee is rising every year, the accommodation is way so high and we can't stay after graduation because of the visa.

Mary J

Historically, the Thames Estuary and basin would have supported extensive reedbeds. Most of London’s natural reedbeds are today confined to a few sites on the  Thames and its tidal tributaries, largely in the east. Reedbeds, especially within the most built-up sectors of the capital, to perform multi-functional roles including filtration of nutrients, removal of harmful pollutants, and storage of urban run-off and floodwater. London’s reedbeds provide habitat for birds such as the water rail, reed and sedge warblers, the rapidly declining water vole, harvest mouse, and the otter. - from the London Biodiversity Partnership 

What are the plans to restore London's reedbeds and the biodiversity and beauty of the Thames in London? What more could be done?


If you get re-elected as the Mayor of London, what is the first thing you will complete working on it for the future of London? What are you priorities for young Londoners for London's future?

Syerra B

Are you waiting for someone to be seriously injured or mauled to death by a dog commuting on London transport? I think its ridiculous that dogs are allowed to ride the tubes and buses. Some people have allergies and phobias. These dogs are not only hitching a free ride but they sometimes have a seat for themselves. I definitely dont wish to sit on a seat a dog has just sat on. And can we please take into consideration that they’re not paying customers! Would love to know your thoughts on this?

Steve D

If you are so concerned with children not being poisoned  by vehicle exhausts, why not put a ban on cars on the school run and not allow them within 1 mile of the schools instead of punishing all those within the North & South circular with a fee that will never get spent on improving the roads, it just goes into your pot allowing you to swan off  on trips abroad that many within the North and South circular have no chance to go on?

Linda L

Dear Sadiq,

When are pedestrians going to be protected from cyclists who constantly jump red lights and shoot between cars at Zebra Crossings?  I've been knocked over twice by cyclists and badly hurt.  I walk to work and every single day (no exaggeration at all) I have to jump back on the pavement when crossing at the 2 sets traffic lights I have to use and have to crawl across the double zebra crossing keeping a close eye out for those that shoot through between cars.  If they have to swerve I get a volley of abuse most of the time.  Nowhere is a safe place for us pedestrians, bicycles have now discovered pavements and are using them to get round cars in traffic jams.  There is no redress as in seconds they are gone, no registration number to take down or anything.  Perhaps some enterprising person will come up with safety gear for pedestrians to keep us safe!

Sarah W

Dear Sadiq,

It was recently reported that there will be a ban on burning wood inside London to help clean up the UK's air qulaity - does this mean I an unable to use my wood burning stove or will there be regulations in place? 

Anna C

Dear Sadiq

1 comment ...the useless TFL Rail from Paddington to Heathrow is USELESS. 9 out 10 times is not running.

1 question...what is your plan to make London cleaner? Our beautiful city unfortunately cannot be proud for its cleanliness.

Anthony A

Dear Sadiq locally there is no cordinated Green Man System and i was hoping that eventually -when there is available funding- that there could be more organised system for pedestrians too cross safely.For instance there is a junction locally called The Quadrant locally with four junctions but only 2 junctions are covered. Also in London pedestrians at a lot of crossings only have about 8 seconds to cross .-Best Wishes Anthony Abbey.

Jade A

I loved your London is Open campaign, will you do similar ones to boost trade, communication and moral in future?

Also can you pls start running the country?!

Garima A

Do you come across racism being a Muslim mayor in a world where Islamophobia exists? How do you deal with it? What would be your advise to people who face discrimination based on their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc?

Danielle B

You seem to have great respect for services such as the nhs, fire brigade and the police. Often we work long hours for little pay. How about giving us free travel?

Danielle B

What are you doing. About the homeless people in London? I have been to two major cities recently, one being barcelona, and found there homeless to be less aggressive and persistent. I live in north London and often can’t even do my shopping without being harasssed In store or outside. People have even started to beg to people in the que of shops. What is being done about this?

Mermayden .

What are you actually going do about the housing crisis and how do you plan to make genuinely affordable homes available to working Londoners who are not on City salaries?

matt f

@Mermayden . He is doing NOTHING, he is all talk. He will say 'we are building more', but the truth is this is awful. £410,000 for one bed flat in Tottenham!