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London could be getting an infinity pool 200 metres above the city

London could be getting an infinity pool 200 metres above the city

If you thought your annual dip in the icy local lido was brave, feast your goggles on this.

The crazy folk at Compass Pools have developed ‘Infinity London’, a 600,000-litre pool which will sit on top of a 55-storey building.

If planning permission is granted, you could be casually paddling 200 metres above the city by 2020, with 360-degree views of the city. For some, we're sure it will sound like the best breast stoke of their lives, and for others extreme torture.

‘Do I need a helicopter to access it?’ we hear you cry. Pff, of course not. Compass Pools claim that ‘swimmers will access the pool through a rotating spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine, rising from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out’. Additional fancy features include a heating system powered by waste energy (ooh!) and a built-in anemometer (fancy!) to gauge wind speed. 

If this all sounds too high up and high-tech to handle, the pool will still be a spectacle for less daring onlookers. Pretty lights will make it glow like a torch at dusk and the floor of the pool will be completely transparent, allowing visitors to see the swimmers above.

See, it’s safe, so long as everyone wears appropriate swimwear.


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Ramunas V

housing crisis been going on in London for decades now, but sure we can build the pool... why not🤯😤

Ramunas V

Simon W

Those pictures don't feature any way of accessing the pool, which seems a pretty major design flaw. Are you going to get in and out dangling on a rope ladder beneath a helicopter?

Torange K

Who has the right to access it? I imagine it will be £50 a pop minimum. If its £15 to view London from top of the Shard this will either be exclusive club members only thousands a year or residents only who can buy the apartments for huge sums. No thanks