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London is only the SIXTH worst city in the world for commuters

We lost 75 hours stuck in traffic jams last year and have some of the world’s most expensive fares

India Lawrence
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India Lawrence

Whether it’s having someone’s armpit shoved in your face as you’re squashed into a tube carriage like a sardine, or waiting for ever for a bus that mysteriously never arrives, we all know that commuting in London can be frustrating. Now there’s actually concrete evidence to prove it, because London has been ranked as the sixth worst city in the world for commuters. 

According to a new study of 53 cities, London came in sixth in a list of the worst cities in the world for commuting. The data shows that Londoners each lost 75 hours stuck in traffic jams last year, while the average time spent commuting was 47 minutes one-way. Our fares are the most pricey too, as the average cost of a one-way ticket on London’s public transport is £3.50, which is higher than in any of the other low-ranking cities. The average waiting time for public transport was ten minutes, which was actually one of the better results, especially compared to Rio de Janeiro’s 20 minutes. 

Beating London in the commuter hellstakes are Istanbul, Rio and Berlin, who take the top three spots. Travellers in Istanbul lost an average of 142 hours per year to traffic – the equivalent of nearly six full days. On the flipside, Doha was ranked as the city with the world’s best commute, with an average public transport wait time of three minutes, and the cost of a one-way ticket just 48p.

As temperatures creep down, but energy bills creep up, perhaps Londoners will start to hear the siren call of the office again, just make sure you leave at least 47 minutes to get there. 

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