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London mystery: a bright-pink sports car has been parked in the same spot for years

It’s been there so long you can see it on Google Maps

India Lawrence
Written by
India Lawrence

If you’re often around King’s Cross, you might have spotted an iridescent pink sports car parked in the same spot for years. A McLaren 570s has been parked outside the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel for at least two years. It’s been there so long that you can even see it on Google Street View. It’s a mystery to many. Why does it never move? Whose is it? And why is it always so clean?

It seems that the mystery of the pink car might finally have been solved. TikTokker Gabby Lauren, going by the username SoggySpin4ch, recently posted a video of the vehicle that racked up over 1.3m views, claiming the car had been there since the beginning of the pandemic.

Commenters on the video had all kinds of theories about the car that’s worth over £150,000. One person said: ‘Wait… I walked past this like 7 months ago… IT’S STILL THERE?’, while other people say it’s been there for more than eight years. 

It’s even become somewhat of a tourist attraction, and the car is now assumed to be part of the furniture outside the grand hotel on Euston Road. TikTok user srirachaslave said: ‘I literally live in Oxford and whenever I come to London I see this car.’

One person, who claimed to work at the hotel, chimed in to clear up all the rumours. They said: ‘I actually work at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, the McLaren is owned by one guest who permanently moved into the hotel near the start of the pandemic because he was having trouble getting back to his country.’

Others backed this up, with one commenter adding: ‘Its been there since before 2018 at least, owner lives in the Hotel. They allow him to park it there since it looks good.’

While another said: ‘No no no. This car has moved and actually been out for a few days, then back again. He or she will be a resident upstairs.’

So there you go. They hadn’t lost the keys, or got drunk and forgot where they parked it. Also, it’s still not a Ford Fiesta.

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