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Londoners are officially having more sex than last year

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Londoners are putting themselves out there and reaping the rewards, at least according to the results of this year’s Time Out Index. Forget what you heard about London-dwellers being unfriendly, jaded and bored of dating: our 2019 figures show that we’re more likely to go on dates than last year, with 26 percent of us going on one in the past week – and that figure is even higher for app users. 

Guess what else is going up? That’s right: we’re getting laid two percent more than last year, although the results showed 35 percent of us haven’t had sex in a month.

Although we’re all for letting love bloom, we’re not willing to do so without some initial detective work first – nearly half of the people we asked admitting to looking up a date on social media or Google. Elsewhere in digital love, dating app usage is down from last year, but more than half of single-and-dating Londoners aged 18-37 are continuing to swipe their screens to find the one. 

This year you let us know that a French accent makes you go weak at the knees, taking the seductive crown from the Irish accent. Speaking of international love, 23 percent said you’ve hooked up with someone who was just visiting our fair city.

And if your love interest has recently disappeared into thin air, you’re not alone: 27 percent said they’d ghosted someone. And a slightly smaller number said they had cheated on a partner. We hope it was worth it!

Find out what else we discovered about Londoners, from our drinking habits to our sex lives, in the Time Out Index results

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