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Londoners confess their pet hates about the capital

James Manning

We asked you: what bugs you most about London? Here’s what you said, you irritable bunch…

‘Commuters’ alcohol breath on Friday mornings.’

‘Things that trundle.’

‘Not enough breakfast burrito options in Zone 2.’

‘People who “wipe” instead of touching their Oyster, like there’s something stuck to it.’

‘No consistency with walking on the left or right. Pick a side, people!’

‘Loud muppets on mobiles.’

‘People who roll their eyes at the Jamaican TfL announcer at Victoria. He is spreading words of peace and happiness but some people can’t handle it.’

‘Fancy burger places that serve burgers in tin foil that look like squashed Whoppers at twice the price.’

‘Clubs charging a tenner and closing at 3am.’

‘The air is made of poison.’

‘The housing shortage, and every parasite and hanger-on feeding off of it.’

‘The endless, flat cityscape. I never thought I'd miss seeing hills so much.’

‘People who complain – because we all know that no other city offers so much, otherwise we would be there.’

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