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Londoners officially drank more than the rest of the UK during lockdown

We came top of the squiffy table, above Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester

Samantha Willis

We don’t know about you, but during lockdown our recycling bins were bursting with wine and beer bottles. It said great things about our commitment to sustainability but less-good things about our self-control when it comes to drinking. For many, there was nothing like having a glass of light, crisp rosé to look forward to when a global pandemic was raging on in the background.

So just how bad did our boozing get during our self-imposed ‘lockdown lock-ins’? Well, non-alcoholic beer brand Freestar has crunched the numbers for us and we can reveal that one in three Brits were drinking alcohol between four and seven days a week. Yikes!

It’s a widely held belief that we Londoners ‘like a drink’. Pre-lockdown you could catch us all staggering from pubs on most nights of the week, office attire looking slightly dishevelled. And the data also confirms that trend during lockdown. Take a look at the squiffy leadership table below, detailing the cities that drank the most during lockdown:

1. London (2.54 days per week on average)
2. Belfast (2.48)
3. Birmingham (2.43)
4. Manchester (2.37)
5. Cardiff (2.36)
Plymouth (2.26) 
Bristol (2.26)
8. Sheffield (2.23)
9. Leeds (2.17)
=9. Norwich (2.17)

It’s not all incriminating, though. The survey found that 50 percent of Brits also now felt less pressure to drink, with 40 percent saying they’d consider drinking alcohol-free options in clubs when they reopen. And better still, around half think about the environmental impact when deciding what and how they drink. 

We’ll drink to that! A zero percenter, of course.  

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