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London’s ‘Breaking Bad’ bar ABQ lending yellow hazmats to NHS staff
Photograph: ABQ Bar

London’s ‘Breaking Bad’ bar is donating its yellow hazmats to NHS staff

Laura Richards

Cooking up the latest original scheme to help support the NHS is London’s ‘Breaking Bad’-themed bar ABQ. The original east London bar where you don a yellow hazmat, enter an old RV and ‘cook’ cocktails has been closed since March 21. And so its founder Sebastian Lyall decided that, rather than hanging up the hazmats for who knows how many months, the neon suits could instead go to nearby hospitals to be used as protective wear by NHS staff. 

Lyall initially dropped off 50 hazmats each to three London hospitals, but when seeing the drastic need for PPE, he decided to work with the NHS to draw up a reusable hazmat design for his UK manufacturer to produce. He’s now had 10,000 orders placed by Whipps Cross and Lister hospitals (who apparently love the hazardous yellow hue), with more orders said to be rolling in from across the UK. It’s meant his manufacturer may even be calling back furloughed staff and opening larger factory premises for the task.

As a result, ABQ has launched a campaign today to help fund the production of even more yellow PPE suits. One of these reusable hazmats costs £21 to produce, so the bar is hoping its past punters will give generously to the cause so other hospitals across the country can benefit from the nifty design. The campaign is called Hazmats for NHS and people can donate online now. It’s certainly an awesome look for our awesome healthcare workers. 

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