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Cereal killer cafe
Photograph: Cereal Killer Café

London’s Cereal Killer Café won’t be reopening

You’ll have to stick to your Sugar Puffs at home

Laura Richards

It was a simpler time, back in 2014, when London’s Cereal Killer Café burst on to the scene. The idea of eating cereal in working hours is now a fully fledged trend, after all. But it was simpler in the sense that ‘kidult’ activities were a new concept – in many ways, the opening of the Brick Lane hangout where grown-ups could eat bowls of sugary breakfast cereal all day long signalled a new and childish dawn for London. In came nostalgia-ridden adult ball pits, board game cafés, UV ping pong bars, inflatable assault courses and more wizard-themed cocktail spots than you could waggle a wand at.

I guess we’ve all had to grow up a little bit in the last few months, Cereal Killer Café included. The company – which, in its heyday, had queues out the door and down Brick Lane and spawned a sister café in Camden in 2015 – has announced that, despite other cafés in London now making their return, it won’t be reopening its branches after lockdown. 

Its twin-brother owners Alan and Gary Keery took to Facebook to break the news to followers. ‘After 5.5 years we will be saying Cheerio to our Cafes, for now. After a long period of closure due to coronavirus, and with the future of the hospitality industry looking very uncertain, we have made a decision that our Cafes on Brick Lane and Camden will not reopen their doors,’ they said

The post was accompanied by a video that talked of the pair’s hopes of reopening in a year or more’s time. In the meantime, Cereal Killer Café will be flogging cereal on its online web store, should you have a desperate urge to munch Lucky Charms, Froot Loops or Peanut Butter Pebbles in your PJs.

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