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Photograph: Cailin Isola

London’s first drive-thru barbecue is a thing of beauty

BBQ pros Cue Point are bringing their meat platters to a drive-thru in Chiswick

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

Remember last year when everyone went mad for drive-in cinemas? Well, automative culture is back. But this time, instead of enabling you to watch ‘Grease’ in a car park, it’s all about getting greasy in your motor. 

That’s what’s on the cards from Cue Point, the meat pros who have been delivering their ace British-Afghan barbecue meal kits throughout lockdown. Billed as London’s first ‘drive-thru BBQ’ joint, the new spot launches on April 15 at the Chiswick Pavilion.

As is the way with all Fun Things To Do now, you’ll need to book a spot and order in advance. Bookings open up on Tuesday April 13 for slots from Thursday April 15. Once you’ve booked a spot, you rock up and they’ll bring your food to your car. What you do next is up to you – you could eat it in your car for the true drive-thru experience, or you could, y’know, take it to a park or something. And yes, we know that eating in your car isn’t the same as eating in a restaurant. But that’s the world we live in while indoor hospitality is closed, okay? We don’t make the rules.

On the menu, you can expect big platters of barbecued meat. And lots of ‘em. More specifically, the menu includes bun meal platters which all come with chips and a choice of either brisket with chutney, fried chicken with chilli aioli or vegan hash browns. Or try the feast box for one, which involves a smorgasbord of meats – 16hr oak-smoked brisket, buffalo wings, lamb barbecoa – as well as chunky chips, Afghan chutney, chilli aioli and a hush puppy (deep-fried balls of corn, cheese, polenta and chives, which head chef Josh Moroney, describes as ‘a kind of fucked up onion bhaji’ – that’s chefs for you). All of that comes served on a large naan. 

You can also build your own bun and meat platter, with a choice of brisket, beef shortribs, lamb barbecoa and chicken wings.

No car? No delicious barbecued meat for you, sorry. Just kidding. For those without four wheels, there will plenty of outdoor seating, which means you can just pull up a chair, order via an app and tuck in. Ideal!

Cue Point is at Chiswick Pavilion, Riverside Drive, London W4 2SP. Open from Apr 15.

In other food news, there's a cheese barge coming to London.

And London’s pubs and restaurants are open for outdoor eating again.

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