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London's LGBT+ community share their tips to make the most of Pride

Written by
Grace Goslin

From Saturday’s parade to Black Pride and numerous fringe events, London’s LGBT+ community share their tips for celebrating this weekend

‘Remember that this is a day for everyone. The LBGTQ+ community is full of all colours, shapes, sizes and cultures. Pride is a chance for us to celebrate our differences – to march for those who are unable to march for themselves and to speak up for those whose voices are silenced.’ Munroe Bergdorf, activist and model

‘Pride is an amazing celebration of everything queer. Wear comfortable shoes and get lost in the entertainment at Trafalgar Square where you’ll find yours truly hosting – and remember to stay proud!’ Asifa Lahore, LGBT+ activist  and Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen

‘I definitely recommend Queer Picnic 2k18. It’s a picnic for queers of colour that’s family-friendly, wheelchair accessible and inclusive, which means no prohibitive prices (it’s free) or corporate sponsorship . Pride for me is all about being with the community and supporting one another – QP aims to do just that. And the outfits are always stellar.’ Isabel Adomakoh Young, actor and drag king

‘On the Sunday I’ll be hitting Black Pride in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, which is my favourite event over Pride weekend. It has a joy, intimacy and sense of verve that I adore. Don’t forget about all the arts and culture events too – I’m looking forward to the “Everyone Is Divine!” exhibition at the The Horse Hospital, a project involving a diverse section of people made up in the style of iconic drag superstar Divine.’ Uli Lenart, Gay’s the Word




‘Whether it’s your first Black Pride or fourteenth, rest assured that you belong. Strangers will talk to you – some will be friendly, some fascinating, others entertaining. There’s an amazing atmosphere of openness and camaraderie. Don’t hold back: make new friends!’ Pav Akhtar,  director of UK Black Pride

‘Make friends with the tallest person around you – the best view of the parade will be on their shoulders.’ Adam Turner, second-team captain at Stonewall FC

‘Don’t just spend your time in central London – support your local queer venue. Find your own way to honour the history of Pride. Remember that the fight for equality is not over until every queer person is safe to be themselves.’ Emma Kroeger, DJ and drag performer

‘I’m proud to belong to a community of people – whether that’s black, women, LGBTQ+ or disabled – that recognises the need to protect people, whether we are people seeking asylum, refugees or life’s travellers. Let’s bring our “best selves” to Pride!’ Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, co-founder and executive director for UK Black Pride

Roxene Anderson

‘Dress how the hell you want to – whether it’s booty shorts and a string vest or an ’80s power suit – be you! I’m looking forward to PROUD, a night at the Arcola bar run by inclusive record label Femme Culture.’ Aneesha Dewshi, head of communications for queer festival Foundation

‘There is no better view of Pride then being in the march itself. It’s so important that we send a clear message of queer visibility to the world. Also, the team behind the RVT’s Saturday club night Duckie are throwing a bash called “Gay Shame” which is not what you might think it is!’ David Robson, LGBT+ campaigner and DJ/promoter

‘Visit the cabaret stage on Dean Street – there’s amazing variety. Brunch at the Phoenix Artist Club is a great start and there are loads of after-parties in the evening. Her Upstairs has an amazing line-up of entertainment running from mid-afternoon into the small hours. Dress for the occasion – sensible shoes and plenty of glitter!’ Michael Twaits, cabaret artist and host of Trafalgar Square for Pride in London

‘Black Pride is a gloriously multicultural day. Relax watching the acts or channel your inner Beyoncé. No one judges. Its Vauxhall location is perfect for a visit to LGBT+ theatre Above the Stag for a matinee. End the evening at the RVT with its joyously edgy entertainment.’ Rikki Beadle-Blair, host of this year’s Black Pride


‘Have a good lunch to keep you going – I’ll be having brunch at the wonderful Soho Hotel with friends then heading off to the Soho Theatre Bar after for more drinks and a little boogie! Sunday is Black Pride, which is my favourite day. It’s the UK’s biggest LGBTQI+ people of colour event and there’s a great community feel.’ Yvonne Taylor, LBGTQI+ club promoter

‘Go and show the world our grace and your glory. Let’s celebrate together – Pride is not one gender or one colour, it’s all of us.’ Jay Jay Revlon, DJ, event curator and nail technician

‘Pace yourselves. There's plenty of fun to be had. Also, spend the time to seek out the community you want and help create the community you want. At Bar Wotever, we kick off our Pride month with a Latinx Pride special, where all performers will be Latinx, celebrating our Latinx queer family!’ Lysander Dove, manager at Bar Wotever

‘Pride is a powerful celebration of life, liberty and diversity. So come out to the parade and parks, and party with purpose and positivity!’ DJ Ritu, host of  A World in London

‘Always remember, the first pride was a riot! Don't be fooled by corporate pinkwashing – find ways to make a queer statement and support your local queers wherever possible! The parade still serves an important purpose as an in-your-face celebration, but try and find other ways to get involved as an ally or member of the community. Think about more marginalised members of the LGBT+ spectrum – how can you use Pride to amplify their voices?’ Crystal Beth is a drag performer, circus artist and DJ. She’s hosting Mariah & Friendz at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club on Jul 7 which is raising funds for LGBTIQ+ community shelter The Outside Project.

The Pride in London parade is on Sat Jul 7. UK Black Pride is on Sun Jul 8 at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Here's everything you need to know about Pride

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