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Macaroni Cheese
Photograph: Andy Parsons

London’s most-loved dish is NOT curry, pizza, burgers or fish ’n’ chips

Just Eat has crunched the numbers on the city’s favourite dinners

Written by
Ellie Muir

Deciding what takeaway cuisine to order can be a divisive topic in any household. A cold pizza rocking up 30 mins late can throw your evening in the bin, while a piping hot curry can make the world look that little bit brighter.

Now, some Just Eat data analysis of more than 10 million restaurant reviews across the UK has uncovered London’s most-loved cuisines and dishes.

This (very important) investigation has broken down the popularity of cuisines by London borough and given each dish a score out of 100. And the results are surprising, to say the least.

Coming in first place – astonishingly – is the humble macaroni cheese, which is reportedly Londoners’ most favoured dish, scoring a whopping 77 out of 100. The saucy pasta proved to be a staggering 159 per cent more popular than the quintessential British classic, fish and chips, which only scored a dismal 29.

But the results vary depending on where Londoners are ordering from. For instance, those living in Westminster apparently have an insatiable appetite for ‘British food’ (whatever the hell that means), with the classic yorkshire pudding scoring a giant 91 on the popularity scale. Sunday roast time!

Up in Camden, Indian food is the most popular cuisine and it’s the trusty (and mild) korma that comes out on top as the most loved in the borough, with an impressive popularity score of 98, knocking the biryani (86) out the park. 

In Kensington & Chelsea, the great British roast chicken claimed the top spot for the most popular dish. The question is though: was it a whole chicken? Nando’s? Wings? These answers are still unknown. 

Just Eat has also revealed that Mediterranean food is getting a look in, scoring 60 out of 100 across the city. And Japanese food is the most loved cuisine in Southwark and Hammersmith & Fulham, while Islington is apparently hooked on Italian food. 

Other special mentions go to Tower Hamlets’s love for Indian food, while Lambeth has been enjoying a lot of Mexican lately. 

Make of all this what you will. Noticeably, though, the capital’s traditional signature street-food takeaway dish is nowhere to be seen. Jellied eel, anyone? 

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