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Marina Abramovic is going to electrocute herself with one million volts

Written by
Eddy Frankel

Shocking news, everyone: performance art overlord Marina Abramovic has announced plans for a 2020 show in London in which she will electrocute herself with one million volts. You may ask why, but rest assured, there is a point. You see, Abramovic plans to use the electrical field that her body will generate to… blow out a candle. Marina, you’re incorrigible! The idea is that all the electricity will gather in her fingertip and she’ll be able to shoot it out at a lit flame a metre away, sort of like a performance art X Man, whose only real power is to turn off lights.

Other plans for the 2020 exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts include some glass tears and a fountain of Marina herself that won’t be spouting water, but her own blood (*cough* health and safety nightmare *cough*).

You’re going to have to wait until 2020 for all that though, so here’s what’s on right now to help you pass some the time.

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