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Photograph: Deliveroo
Photograph: Deliveroo

Morrisons has teamed up with Deliveroo to sort your supermarket shopping woes

Kate Lloyd

In the before times, eating a diet solely consisting of things brought to you by Deliveroo was the kind of extravagance that only someone with an 18-hour-a-day, £500k-a-year banking job would even vaguely consider indulging in. 

Now, though, things are different. Visiting a Tesco Metro has become a bit like playing a game of human chess – one with extremely high stakes. Meanwhile, getting a supermarket delivery is like getting Glastonbury tickets in a year where Glastonbury is cancelled. Bad news for all of us, even worse news for those of us who cant leave the house at all right now. 

But Deliveroo has stepped up to solve that problem, teaming up with Morrisons for the most exciting supermarket collab of 2020. From today, youll be able to get 70 Morrisons items – fruit, vegetables, meat and cupboard essentials – delivered to your door within 30 minutes of ordering. 

The brands promise the deliveries will be contact-free (theyll be dropped on your doorstep with no human interaction). The produce will come from 130 stores around the country and will cost the same as in shops. You will have to pay £4.99 delivery fee, though, unless you have Deliveroo Plus. 

It’s a move that follows Uber Eats joining forces with 600 Costcutter and Londis stores around the UK to provide essentials like bread and milk. Don’t worry, though. The occasional takeaway is still totally justifiable.

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