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Nando’s admits using McCain fries and everyone freaks out


In the biggest fast-food news story since KFC ran out of chicken, everyone’s losing their minds because Nando’s admitted to using McCain fries in its restaurants.

Yeah we were sad too, but there are many, many restaurants across London (and indeed the world) that are serving you McCain fries. And if they’re not, they’re likely using another brand of frozen food and not hand-cutting their own perfectly uniform potato chips.

Sadly you can’t just go into Tesco and recreate your own Nando’s (even if you’ve got Peri-Peri sauce at home). According to a spokesperson, Nando’s has created its own fries in partnership with the potato supplier – and if even you did get your hands on them, don’t fool yourself into thinking you could deep-fry them like a Nando’s chef could.

Chill out: chefs use frozen food. They’re just better at cooking it than we are.

Here are London’s best fish and chips – maybe they’re using McCain fries, too?

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