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Rejoice! You can scoff McDonald’s and Nando’s for sub-500 calories (and here’s how)

Tom Howells

You’d be forgiven for thinking places like McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s, Pizza Hut etc aren’t exactly a dieter’s paradise. But – inevitable drum roll – you’d be wrong!

Sort of, anyway. A new report from Intu shopping centres has seen the company whittling down sub-500 calorie menus at all your junk food ‘faves’ (as well as more obviously healthy spots like Yo Sushi, Bill’s, Leon and so on). Which, technically, means you can ready your springtime beach bod without forgoing the deep-fried grub you adore the most. For instance:

Desperate for Maccy Ds? A hamburger (250) + small fries (237) + Diet Coke (1) = 488 calories. Can’t concentrate without pizza? Then nip to Pizza Hut and get two slices of the small classic margherita pizza (302) + mixed leaf salad (44) + vanilla ice cream with cookie dough (103) + diet drink = around 449 calories. Want chicken clucking NOW? At Nando’s, a grilled chicken breast fillet (150) + sweet potato mash (242) + mango ice cream (71) + Diet Coke (1) = 464 calories. You get the picture.

Ok, some of it’s a cheat (who goes to KFC for a piffling two hot wings? Who’d imagine that a sub AND crisps at Subway would take you over 500 cals?) but Intu’s research is semi-enlightening stuff nonetheless.

Some junk food is gold, actually. Work your way through our list of London’s best burgers for proof.

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