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See loads of hot-air balloons floating over London


UPDATE: Sorry guys, the wind is still blowing the wrong way. The Hot Air Balloon Regatta has been postponed and put on standby for a potential flight on Sun Jul 22. Maybe. 

If you go into a childlike daydream when you spot a single helium balloon floating in solitude over the London skyline, you’re going to absolutely lose it when you see what’s happening in Battersea next weekend. If all goes well with the weather, up to 50 giant balloons will be launched into the atmosphere for the Lord Mayor’s Hot Air Balloon Regatta, an annual celebration of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. The event was meant to happen this Sunday (June 3) but had to be rescheduled because ’the winds will not be blowing in the right direction’. 

Those giant inverted garlic bulbs will instead be gliding over London next Sunday (June 10), starting with a mass aerial launch at around 5am-5.30am from Battersea Park. If you’re thinking about getting up at dawn to catch the lift-off, stay in bed – the park will be closed to the public for safety. 

If it all blows in their favour, you’ll be able to see the puffed-up gang of balloons as they travel past the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge next Sunday morning. Plenty of time for staring dreamily into space – those things move pretty slowly. 

Up, up and A-WAHEY. 

Find out more about the Balloon Regatta here.

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