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Monopoly board
Photograph: urbanbuzz / Shutterstock

Somebody walked the whole of the Monopoly board in lockdown – and it looked pretty deserted

Dan Barker shared pictures on Twitter – from Old Kent Road to Mayfair

Laura Richards

Traffic is back on the streets, the shops are open and life in London is beginning to resemble something you might actually recognise. Although we hope never to see it as eerily empty again, there was a certain novelty about central London’s landmarks and streets being so quiet for such an extended period. Those who didn’t have a chance to witness this for themselves can now experience the weirdness vicariously.

On Twitter, one man has shared pictures from an idle afternoon spent walking around central London in lockdown. ‘A few weeks ago I was in London for the day. I took the first train down, & finished work by early afternoon. My return train was at 8:46pm, so I spent the afternoon going round the Monopoly route. I thought it would be interesting to photograph London at such a unique time,’ said Dan Barker. He shared his snaps from the real-life spots on which the boardgame is based – and they were all completely deserted. 

Highlights include a King’s Cross Station with no passengers... 

A stranded Strand...

A Liverpool Street Station he describes as ‘oddly beautiful’... 

And the final square on the board, Mayfair.

Barker even went directly to jail (Pentonville Prison, in this instance) – although he made sure people knew he was ‘just visiting’. 

Check out Barker’s full journey here. Do not pass Go, do not collect £200.   

Now see these haunting photos of London’s empty landmarks during lockdown.

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