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Someone has updated Monopoly for London’s crazy housing market

Written by
Megan Carnegie

Once upon a time, certain corners of the London Monopoly board were no-go zones. Euston Road? Skip your top hat over that and make a beeline for the dark blues. Whitechapel Road? March on, tiny shoelace-less boot. Old Kent Road – the least lucrative square on the board, and the only one south of the river  was the short straw, useful only in emergencies and hanging out on while devising city-wide domination.

Fast forward to 2018 and Proportunity, a mortgage lender for first-time buyers, has reordered the Monopoly board to show not property prices, but property growth over the past five years. And how things have changed. Old Kent Road is now the most sought-after property on the board, with prices rising by 47 percent: the biggest growth in London. And Whitechapel Road (traditionally the second most rubbish square) is right behind it:

Proportunity's updated Monopoly board

Meanwhile, the slump in central London property has meant the traditional dark blue squares of Mayfair and Park Lane have dropped right down the board. They grew just 10.4 percent and 11.5 percent respectively – four times less than fancy-pants Old Kent Road.

However, you’re still unlikely to be able to afford a house (let alone a hotel) in Mayfair: despite below-average growth, property there will still set you back at least a few million. That’ll take more than just a dip in the Community Chest.

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