Take a peek at Phantom Peak, a whole London steampunk world

A new immersive world is opening in Canada Water and it’s gloriously weird


Saddle up, compadres! August in Canada Water just got a whole more wild west. From August 3, intrepid scouts to south-east London can take the trail to Phantom Peak, an absolutely gigantic open-world adventure that transports visitors to a fully realised frontier town complete with lake, waterfall and an immersive story cycle that runs from day to night.

Like the original US western towns, Phantom Peak comes in eras of expansion: summer 2022 will see the completion of the first phase outside before expanding its 30,000 sq foot fictional steampunk world.

Phantom Peak
Image: Phantom Peak

So what’s the lay of the land? Well, there’s an actual canal that runs along ‘Main Street’ lined with an array of authentic-western-themed bars and eateries and including in-world experiences such as The Phantom Peak Picture House and The Museum of Phantom Peak. The town will be inhabited by actors, all with their roles to play in the adventure that visitors embark on.

It’s not exile beyond Main Street either – there’s also a large manmade lake. Players can cruise across the water in boats towards the mines. Alternatively, visitors can wind down on the banks in the shade of the notorious Lakeview Lodge, a mysterious bar owned by one of Phantom Peak’s wealthiest citizens.

This is not Phantom Peak’s first rodeo, it’s been created by The League of Adventure, the in-house game design company that helped design experiences such as ‘Time Run’ and ‘Sherlock: The Game Is Now’, so it looks like visitors will be in safe hands but may experience excitement, mild peril and an elevated heart rate.

Founder Nick Moran says: ‘Phantom Peak is a bold new step for immersive entertainment, building on the decades we’ve spent designing interactive immersive experiences. It’s a fully-featured world with its own living ecosystem, where customers don’t just lose themselves for an hour, they can explore, drink, dine and play practically from dawn till dusk.

Phantom Peak will feel like a real place: an actual steampunk adventure destination, where mystery and adventure lurk around every corner. It’s the best of immersive, escape rooms and theatre, all bundled into one. Whether you fancy strolling around by the lake with a drink or delving deeper and unpacking the myriad mysteries of the town, the choice is yours.’

Steampunk wonderland of the south-east it is, then.

Phantom Peak, The League of Adventure, Canada Water Retail Park Surrey Quays Rd, SE16 2XU. Wed-Sun, from July. Book tickets from May 24. 

For more immersive experiences check out Dreammachine.

London is about to get some natural revamping too. 

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