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london underground
Photograph: Matthew Ashmore / Shutterstock

TfL introduces ‘enhanced’ cleaning regime amid coronavirus fears

By Rosie Hewitson

With more than 90 cases of coronavirus now confirmed in London, TfL has announced an ‘enhanced’ cleaning regime across the tube and bus network in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading. 

Public Health England has stated that there are no specific concerns about the use of public transport at present, but TfL has chosen to make improvements on its usual cleaning regime, which already sees buses and tubes cleaned daily, using additional products that kill viruses and bacteria on contact.

Major interchanges will be cleaned more regularly than usual, including during the day, while on London buses, any ‘regularly touched areas’ such as poles and doors will be carefully wiped down with a strong disinfectant every day.

TfL is also in the final stages of testing a new, longer-lasting cleaning agent that would provide anti-viral protection for up to 30 days and which should be rolled out across the network in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, TfL customers should continue to follow Public Health England guidelines, which advise everyone to wash their hands regularly throughout the day, particularly before eating or when arriving at work or home. If people are feeling unwell, they are advised not to travel so as not to pass on the illness to others.

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