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The London Stone has been put back in its rightful place

Written by
James Manning

You may know about the ravens in the Tower – but have you heard of the London Stone? No one knows how this hunk of rock ended up in the city. Maybe it was once part of a Roman governors house or a druid’s sacrificial altar. According to myth, it was the stone that held King Arthur’s sword Excalibur. But whatever its origin, tradition has bound the fate of London itself to the stone. Today, after more than two years away, it has been put back on display in its traditional place.

The stone was removed from its old case at 111 Cannon Street in May 2016, allowing for work on a new office building to take place. It was taken to the Museum of London for conservation and was exhibited there. Now, it has been returned home to a swanky new casing, and unveiled by the Lord Mayor of London, along with a plaque explaining its history. Take a look next time you’re passing through the City. For the sake of London, let’s hope that old protective magic hasn’t worn off.

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