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The Tate is doing £5 tickets for 16-25 year olds

Best buildings in London: Tate Modern
© Chris Dorney

London museums are brilliantly and mercifully free, but still host plenty of big paid exhibitions. Last week, we calculated that it would have cost you just under £500 to visit every major art exhibition in London last year. That’s prohibitively expensive for the majority of people, let alone the under-25s. That’s all set to change though, as the Tate announced this morning that it would be setting up a £5 ticket scheme. It involves becoming part of the free-to-join Tate Collective, you’ll then be able to go to any Tate show for £5 and bring up to three buddies for £5 each too. That’s a pretty sweet deal, considering that big shows can often cost up to £20 to get into. You can join the very Borg-sounding Tate Collective right here. If, however, you have the misfortune of being too old to join, console yourself with the fact that you were probably a terrible teenager, and are now almost definitely a slightly less-worse adult.

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