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There are giant piñatas coming to King's Cross

Eddy Frankel

If bashing a papier-maché creature with a huge stick while blindfolded until gifts shower out of its innards sounds like your idea of fun, boy have we got good news for you. Because to celebrate Time Out's 50th birthday, we asked art party masters Art Night to come up with something really special, and holy moly they delivered. Art Night asked Mexican artist Tiz Creel to create a set of enormous piñatas and they'll be taking centre stage during the party. Here's what they had to say about it:

'The "Mad King" and the "Eye That Watch It All" are two characters brought to life through in the form of a piñata - both representing a supreme and omnipotent force that controls all. Both forces of power - The King as an earthly symbol, and The Eye as an intangible, all-seeing enigma - dictate how one must live and operate; defining the things we can or cannot do. In order to conquer and defeat these foes it takes a combination of pure, unwavering physical and mental strength to destroy these two pillars of oppression. Successful champions will be awarded prizes for their endeavours!'

Grab you sticks and prepare to beat the bejesus out of an inanimate object: it's art, baby!

Time Out 50 is at Granary Square on Saturday September 29. Tickets are limited –  get yours now


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