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There’s a Banksy for sale at the RA for £350,000,000

Eddy Frankel

Banksy is an international art banter enigma: who is he, where does he come from, and what does he want? Well, it turns out what he wants is £350 million for a work of art in this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Bearing in mind that if it sold for that much it would become the second most expensive painting ever – after Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’ – you can’t help but think that maybe he’s being a little ambitious here. I mean sure, Banksy is the single greatest artist of this generation, obviously, but is he as good as Da Vinci? Hasn't had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle named after him, so no. Clearly not.

But hold on, has Banksy made this work of art out of a ‘Vote Leave’ placard?? He bloody well has, hasn’t he! And has he called it - oh my days! – Vote to LOVE?? Banksy!! You bleedin’ menace, you! You’re only going and being blimmin’ SATIRICAL!! That £350million must be a reference to the Vote Leave bus! Incredible. Bantsy’s got us again! 

Nice one Barry Banksy, you incorrigible old so and so!

Find out more about the 250th Summer Exhibition here.

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