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Carmen Flynn London Dungeon actor
Andy Parsons

Things you only know if you’re a London Dungeon actor

Lisa Wright

...according to Carmen Flynn, 28. 

Terrifying people takes stamina

There are 19 different shows throughout the London Dungeon and each actor plays about 15 parts. There can be up to 12 shows an hour, and I’ve worked my fair share of Halloweens when we close at 9pm or 10pm and perform more than 100 shows in a day.

Suitors aren’t put off by a bit of pus

It always makes me laugh when people ask for my number. Once I was dressed as the Plague Doctor, covered in buboes, sweat and blood, and at the end of the show this man came up to me and said, “You can be my doctor any time.”

Horror-show technology can’t always be relied on

There are so many mishaps, it’s hard to count! Sometimes the tech will cut out, so you’ve started a joke and you can’t finish it. The Guy Fawkes hologram is meant to talk, but sometimes he stops suddenly halfway through. But our audiences are great about it, and sometimes people like seeing those bits, because they know they’re getting something a bit special when it goes wrong.

Anything can become normal eventually

One of my favourite parts to play is the head collector – she’s called the Head Mistress. I really like the idea of her enjoying gathering severed heads in such a normal, friendly way. Sometimes I have to take a moment to step back and think: How is this my job? Because I’ve been here for more than three years, every now and again I need someone to say, “Isn’t it a bit weird that you’re sat there, covered in pus, having a cup of tea?”

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