This Camden pub has unveiled a spectacular Simpsons mural

And you can take a seat on the iconic couch

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Ellie Muir
Contributing writer

In the title sequence of ‘The Simpsons’, the unmistakable brown family couch has provided the starting gag for each episode. In one episode, the couch turns into a race car, in another it morphs into a monster, swallowing the family whole before they disappear. 

Season nine, episode four opens with the Simpson family sitting on the couch in their usual order (Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart) before an auto-crusher compresses them into a rectangular block. This classic sofa scene has now taken over the wall of a Camden Town pub after street artist Stephen Gonzalez (@elvissey_art) painted the iconic Springfield living room.

Outside the Old Eagle, a conveniently placed electrical box means visitors can mount the mural and sit on the beloved couch, backdropped by the memorable lopsided painting of a boat on the Simpson family’s wall.

Pub landlord Alison McGrath told the Camden New Journal that the artwork created a stir, with many passers-by stopping for photo ops. She said the wall of the pub had been in need of an overhaul after its previous design of an eagle was covered by graffiti. The Simpsons mural first appeared on the side of the pub in January. 

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