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Map of the UK showing active Covid-19 cases
Photograph: Time Out

This map shows active Covid cases by UK postcode

See how your neighbourhood is faring

By Time Out contributors

Ah, what better way to mark the new year than by finding out how many people in your neighbourhood have Covid right now?

This map helps you do exactly that. It plots weekly government statistics on to a map of the UK and then breaks the information down by postcode. It marks any area that has cases by colouring it from light green through to dark blue and all the way up to burgundy. The darker the shade, the more cases there are.

The original map is now redirecting to a government website and it’s probably the most microscopic we’ve got on a map with this kind of germ-loaded data so far. It’s actually plotted by ‘middle super output area’, an area slightly larger than a postcode used by the Office of National Statistics.

You can also click on each area to find out the exact number, which means we can tell you that at the time of writing, London cases look like this: Shoreditch has 123 active Covid cases, there are 24 in Notting Hill South and 121 in Peckham North.

Most postcode regions in the capital are now in purple – with the outskirts of the city sporting an ominous deep shade of purple. But there are still clusters of blue around Kensington, Holborn and Hampstead. Click on other areas in and around the centre of the city and you’ll spot a drastic upward trend, with cases in many areas on the rise when compared to last week’s data. 

Elsewhere in the UK, much of the map surrounding London is now sporting the colour purple, with Liverpool, Wolverhampton and the Isle of Wight also appearing to be hotspots for current cases. The rest of the map is mainly in light purple and dark blue. Only a handful of UK regions are in the lighter shades now.  

Areas in white show what the government is calling ‘suppressed rates’, which means there have been fewer than three cases in the last seven days. However, you have to study the map pretty closely to spy these areas now. 

Check it out to see how well your area’s coping.

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