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This map shows the cheapest pint near every single tube station

By Rosie Hewitson

[Click here to see a zoomable version of the map.]

London is great, obviously. But if there’s one negative us Londoners have to concede about our beloved city, it's that our pints aren’t generally the cheapest. Whether it’s a result of our fondness for fancy craft beers or a consequence of the financial pressures that many of our beloved public houses are under, in many parts of the city even the budget option will often leave you without much change from a fiver (as anyone from north of Watford will gleefully remind you at any given opportunity).

So next time you’re planning a pub trip the week before payday, it’s definitely worth consulting this rather handy version of the London tube map created by pint-loving data whizz Adam Stead for StoreKit, which shows the cheapest pint at the nearest pub to every single tube, overground and DLR station in the city.

That’s right: finally you can work out whether you might actually save a load of money on every round just by hopping a stop or two. (Though after a few pints you may need to compare it to an actual tube map, since there isn’t enough room here for the station names.)

And that’s not all Adam has compiled. Equipped with Google Maps, a telephone and (presumably) dozens of hours of research time, Adam also compiled data on the most popular pint and the average price of the cheapest pint on each tube line, the average price per tube zone (Zone 4 is the cheapest, FYI) and which stations are the nearest and furthest from their closest pub.

I think you’ll agree that Adam deserves some sort of medal for this truly heroic effort. Or at the very least a couple of rounds on us. Cheers, mate!

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