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This map shows the most popular Amazon purchases in 2019

By El Hunt

Shopping is just one of the many things the internet has transformed over the past decade. But with infinite possibilities at our feverish fingertips, what have we bought – and what does it say about us? This map of the top Amazon purchases in each London postcode area in 2019 might give some clues.

North London certainly knows its sumac from its za’atar: orders for Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook have been off the (kitchen) scale in N postcodes. In the least surprising revelation ever, north Londoners are also partial to a two-pack of ripe-and-ready avocados. How very millennial!

Over in west London, bougie bottles of water are the order of the day: you lot love your multi-packs of Fiji and San Pelly. East London may as well change its name to Spa Town, considering the amount of hairspray, facial oil and disposable tanning caps it orders. Meanwhile, down in Dartford, they can’t get enough of Nando’s Mild Perinaise. We feel you, DA.

But of all the postcodes, special recognition must go to EC, the City, whose 2019 shopping list included sticky notes, 18-packs of Diet Coke, protein bars and Michelle Obama’s autobiography. Kind of sums the place up, doesn’t it?

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