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This rooftop spot has a brand-new ‘Living Bar’ – and you can pick your own cocktail garnish

Lisa Wright
Written by
Lisa Wright

Flamboyant floral interiors? Seen it. DIY mixology joints? It’s been done. The next in line of London’s increasingly innovative drinking experiences, however, comes from stepping into this living, breathing botanical bar. 

Brought to you by experiential drinks aficionados Bourne & Hollingsworth in conjunction with Ketel One Botanical, The B&H Garden Room will feature an array of fresh ingredients and garnishes ripe for the picking (and then promptly adding to your booze) in its brand new ‘Living Bar’. Green life will be running up the walls, along a trellis behind the cocktail bar, and across the room’s ceiling, helping punters to get inspired before they sip. 

Living Bar

Bursting with botanicals and herbs, the space will allow you to create all kinds of complex, floral flavours from your drink while enjoying the lush, green surrounds. The Living Bar is also situated within a rooftop space above Charing Cross’ Assembly Hotel, so it feels even more like an escape from the grey of London’s streets.

It’s primed for the ‘Gram and in tune with nature, aka oh-so-2019. But we’ll forgive its zeitgeisty nature – because if there’s one thing better than being surrounded by lush plant-life, it’s being surrounded by lush plant-life that can help get you drunk.

The B&H Garden Room’s Living Bar launches on Thursday March 28 and will be open daily.

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