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a raven chick at the Tower of London
Photograph: Shutterstock

Three new raven chicks have been born at the Tower of London during lockdown

Chris Waywell

Legend has it that if there aren’t at least six ravens in residence at the Tower of London, it will fall, taking the capital and the country down with it. Which is all we need right now. So, good news! The venerable fortress has just celebrated the birth of a clutch of three raven chicks. Last year saw the first chicks to be born in the Tower in three decades. 

Ravens are highly intelligent scavenging corvids (the crow family). According to the Tower’s raven page, they can solve problems and mimic sounds. It was supposedly King Charles II who – in a fit of do-what-I-say royal whimsicality – first stipulated that there had to be half a dozen of the birds in permanent lockdown at the Tower. Before these chicks hatched, there were eight ravens on the premises.

The new arrivals have grown fast since they hatched in early April, on a diet of mice, rats and quail. Although they won’t remain at the Tower of London owing to lack of space, their appearance must be seen as a good sign by anyone looking for positive symbols right now.

Some of the St James’s Park pelicans have been exploring the surrounding streets.

A herd of deer has taken over an area of east London.


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