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Three quirky chocs for the vegan in your life

Kitty Drake
Christmas can be a bit crap if you’re a vegan. When everyone’s stuffing their faces with Ferrero Rocher it’s hard not to sink into the depressing feeling that for you, almond milk is about as indulgent as life gets. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a whole world of animal-free chocolate out there, and it’s yours for the taking. Or yours to panic-buy, gift-wrap and give to your favourite vegan. We’ve rounded up three quirky animal-free chocs below. 

The ‘Healthy’ One
Avocado chocolate ticks all the millennial boxes, but comes with none of the perils of avocado hand. We have tried this and be warned: it tastes pungently of avocado. But whatevs, eating this will make you feel smug.

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The Posh One
Booja-Booja’s hazelnut truffles come in the kind of sexy little packaging that screams ‘I spent money on you’. But they’re actually just £7 from Ocado. Ideal.

The Fruity One
Nobody really likes strawberry chocolate but if it’s vegan… well, it feels less dud-Quality Street, more earthy and pure. Which makes a fun change from feeling drunk and full of mince pies, doesn’t it?

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