What new Downing Street pet will Keir Starmer bring into No 10?

Larry the Cat might be getting a new buddy

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India Lawrence
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Larry the Cat at 10 Downing Street, London
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Our new Prime Minister Keir Starmer will soon move into Downing Street from his home in Kentish Town. But the question on everyone’s lips isn’t what the new PM’s first power moves will be, but what animal will be the new pet-in-residence at No 10? Showing the people if you’re a dog or a cat person is the real first test for the country’s new leader. 

Since Starmer became PM on Friday (July 5), there’s already been plenty of speculation around who the fresh furry friend at Downing Street will be. Larry the Cat, No 10’s official mouse catcher and in-house pet, will soon have a new buddy to play with. Sir Keir already has a family mog, JoJo, which is expected to move with the Starmers, but there have also been rumours that he and his family might be bringing a dog into the mix. 

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning last month, Starmer said that his children, a 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter, were campaigning him to get a canine. He added they they might use a move to Downing Street as leverage to convince their dad even more to get a new pup. 

Apparently, the kids are keen on a german shepherd, which could be quite a change from Boris Johnson’s jack russell cross Dilyn, who took up residence at No. 10 in 2019. 

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