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You – yes you – can name the Tower of London’s new raven chick

And we want to hear what you’d call the baby bird

Joe Mackertich
Written by
Joe Mackertich

Legend has it that if there aren’t at least six ravens in residence at the Tower of London, it will fall, taking the capital and the country down with it. That's obviously something we really don't need right now, so it's good that two new raven chicks have just been birthed. That pair of chicks is in addition to the previous three that were hatched during lockdown. The city lives on! Nature is healing! 

The ones that appeared during lockdown, by the way, were the first to have been born in the tower for three decades. These birds have made us wait. But it was worth it.

The Ravenmaster (coolest title in all of London) Chris Skaife has named one of the new birds Edgar (after macabre literary spookster Edgar Allen Poe) but the other one is being put to the public. Click here and you'll get to vote on the name you like best. On May 19 a winner will be announced. Put it in your diary now.

The names available are nice. Bronte, that's good. Florence, after Nightingale and 'not + The Machine'. But we, inevitably, thought we could do better. So we hereby request that The Ravenmaster Chris Skaife adds these to the shortlist:

  • The Ravenator
  • Ravey Davy 
  • That's So 
  • Ravin Shankar
  • Barry
  • That Bird
  • Beaky
  • Freddie The Feather
  • The One Who Watches Over Us
  • Mother
  • Cawvid-19
  • Ronald Raven
  • Birdy McBirdface
  • Sun-Made Raven
  • Monster Raven Loony
  • Everybody Loves Raven

Obviously we'd absolutely love to hear your own suggestions. 

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