Lost in Music

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Lost in Music exhibition
Daniel Newman: Dawn at Universe Rave, 1994
Lost in Music exhibition
Dean Chalkley: Bora Bora, Ibiza, 1999
Lost in Music exhibition
Matthew Smith: Protestors on a truck outside the Houses of Parliament, Anti Criminal Justice Act, London, 1994
Lost in Music exhibition
Dave Swindells: Mark Ronson at YOYO, 2012
Lost in Music exhibition
Jocelyn Bain Hogg: Dancing in the BBC Asian Network tent at the London Mela
Lost in Music exhibition
Normski: Crowd at Dingwalls, London, 1989
Lost in Music exhibition
Ted Polhemus: New Romantic girl at the Blitz Club, 1980
Lost in Music exhibition
Adam Friedman: Talking Loud at Dingwalls, London, 1988-1990
Lost in Music exhibition
Tristan O'Neill: Mad raver, Pleasuredome, 1997
Lost in Music exhibition
Dave Swindells: Roller Express, 1992
Lost in Music exhibition
Wot Do You Call It: Once Upon a Grime’s 5th Birthday set, 2015
Lost in Music exhibition
Clare Muller: A Group of Breakdancers, London, 1983

Sign up for the launch party of this new photo exhibition covering four decades of club culture

From northern soul and disco to house and hip hop, through jungle and garage and right down to grime, club culture has come a long way, baby. Opening next week at The Printspace gallery on Kingsland Road, ‘Lost in Music’ is a massive new photography exhibition that tells the story of dance music across the decades and around the world, and pays tribute to the DJs and dancers who made it all happen.

Beginning in the ’70s and running right through to the present day, ‘Lost in Music’ includes a staggering 500 photos. Contributors include professional photographers including Derek Ridgers, DJ and snapper Gavin Mills, Dean Chalkley, Kevin Cummins, Normski and Dave Swindells – Time Out’s very own Nightlife editor for 22 years till 2009.

But there’s also a major chunk of the exhibition devoted to the ‘I was there’ crew: thousands of amateur photographers and party people from around the world, who responded to an open call with 50,000 pictures. The very best have made the final show.

‘Lost in Music’ runs in Hoxton for eleven days from Friday February 5, and of course there’s a party involved too. On Thursday February 4 The Printspace opens late for the exhibition launch night, which includes an era-hopping DJ set from Gavin Mills, and you could be there. Sign up online for the Lost in Music launch.

For now, here’s something to whet your appetite. We’ve landed an exclusive look at the ‘Lost in Music’ film, produced by London-based photo documentary channel FullBleed. Check it out below.


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